Veterans Memorials

Both the Midland and Coleman Veteran's Memorials are now available in an
interactive GIS map, where you can view the paver bricks at both sites. Click the link or image below.
Project Background:
The Midland County GIS Department wanted to utilize the technology it uses on a daily basis to show its appreciation to the veterans of the area. Using a sUAS (small unmanned system, or drone), the GIS Department collected aerial imagery of paver bricks at both sites. The paver bricks contain messages from families, friends, area organizations, and others honoring and remembering veterans from the area. Using the aerial imagery from the sUAS, the GIS department mapped each individual paver brick at the memorial – over 3,000 paver bricks at each site. Then using a combination of the imagery and an iPad (to field check the bricks), added the text of each brick into the GIS. The bricks, along with the drone imagery, were put into an online GIS application. This application allows users to search the text and messages on the bricks. Once a name or message is found, the online map zooms to the brick.

It is our hope that this web application will be used in several ways. First, to allow those that cannot travel to the actual site the opportunity to browse and search the paver bricks online. And second, to be used at the memorials by visitors. Visitors will scan a QR code with their smartphone and the GIS application will open. They can search for the name or message they came to see, and the map will help guide them to the correct spot.