Items of Interest


Veterans Check out this VA Website.  

It has over 60 different facts sheets about benefits of all types.  It is a great starting place for most of the questions you might have about the benefits you have earned through your service.  Take some time and check it out.  Still have questions give Ross a call amd make an appointment.



311VET App

Veterans who have a smart phone may be interested in this app. Check out their website it tells you how to get the app, what the app will do, and how to use it.

US Flag Code

Want to know the proper etiquette to use with the US Flag?  Click on the flag reflection below to check out the US Flag Code.

Want to know when to fly your flag at half staff?  Check out this website.

Veterans Legal Assistance Guide

Need help finding legal assistance?  Just visit the legal assistance guide and it will get you started in the right direction.

If you have known or lost someone with PTSD this Youtube, Canadian produced, video is worth watching. Although it was produced in Canada it is universal for all those who have served or know someone who has.  You may want to have a Kleenex close by.  Just click on the word video and you will be taken to Youtube.

Traveling to Tennessee?

Montgomery County, Tennessee has developed a website that is advertised as a "one stop shop" for the needs of veterans.  They provide links from child care to employment.  Even if you are not planning an immediate trip you might want to check out all the resources available.