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The use of a National Guard Association of Michigan (NGAM) Veteran Support Grant (VSG) is intended to assist veterans in need.  Veterans; families and organizations that support veterans of Michigan (directly or indirectly); current members of NGAM; and other currently serving military members of Michigan may apply.  All grant requests must align with one of these four priorities:

Education: Family support and engagement, mentoring and career exposure.

Financial Stability: Helping veterans learn marketable job skills, access to education, career technical and job readiness training.

Health: Basic needs support for veterans and families including food, shelter, rent, utility assistance and transportation.

Quality of Life: Needs which include but are not limited to programs or projects that improve the daily lives of members eligible to receive grant proceeds.

Organizations requesting grants in support of veterans and their families may use funding to start new programs or for support/expansion of existing programs.  Funding may be used for operational, administrative, staffing, supply and equipment, and capital expenditures (construction or renovation).

NGAM requires all grant recipients to report the outcome of funding assistance provided. Outcomes should be measureable and can be articulated by:

1) Output (goods or services produced by activities). Example: Number of shelter bed nights or meals served.

2) Outcome (a desired change in knowledge, skills, behavior, or status). Example: Increased personal skills, becoming employed, gaining permanent housing.

3) Measure (a way of collecting data to determine whether a result has been achieved or a goal met).  Example: If the goal is to increase skills, the measure may be the score on a skills test or staff observations recorded in a case file or score sheet.

4) Targets (goals set by a program compared to the funding award and funding period).  Example: Number of services provided, number of clients served, realistic outputs from an activity, and outcomes of program participants.

The application provides a section entitled Request for Description (limited to 500 characters) and an Additional Comments section (limited to 500 characters).  Please use these blocks to explain how your program aligns with one of our four priorities and articulate exactly how the VSG funding will be used.  What is the need and how will veterans benefit?  NGAM is interested in knowing if funds are invested wisely but more importantly we want to know we are making a positive impact on veterans and their families. Please give us all the detail you can while explaining your need, and later your results.


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Benefits for "Gray-Area" Military Retirees

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Request for Records

Michigan National Guard


You can fill out this Michigan Request for Records form from the State of Michigan and follow the instructions on page two of the form.

Applying for Your



Retired Pay

Remember, before you get your retired pay you must first submit an application.  Check out this document for some helpful information.