Subsidized/Lower Cost Housing/Emergency Housing

Midland County Subsidized/Lower Cost Rental Housing


There are many different Subsidized and/or lower Cost Rental Housing units in Midland County. Check out this document for a contact number, the types of housing, and number of bedrooms.

Volunteers of America Michigan currently has 17 empty and available beds in our Lansing Veterans Housing Program (VHP) that we want to make available to your Veterans-in-need.  Please have the Veterans contact Alison Thierbach at 877-509-VETS (8387) if they are willing to come to Lansing for temporary housing.  At our Lansing VHP, the Veterans will have access to our community kitchen where they will get 3 meals per day (2 on weekends), on-site case management, and easy access to local resources and assistance.  Qualifying Veterans will also have access to Veterans Employment Specialists in our HVRP program and Resource Coordinators in our SSVF program.