Dog Licensing

Fee Schedule

All dogs are required, by law, to be licensed within the county they reside within 30 days of turning 4 months of age or moving to Midland County.  The Midland County Dog License Program includes one-year and three-year licenses available for purchase throughout the year.  Licenses should be renewed by the last day of the month in which the rabies vaccination expires.  To qualify for  a three-year license the dog must have received a new three-year rabies vaccination within the past 30 days.

2018 Regular License Fees:

For newly acquired dogs or dogs just 4 months of age, you have 30 days to obtain a license at the regular fee.  Proof of rabies vaccination is required to purchase a license(s), proof of sterilization is required to obtain the reduced fee for license(s).

1 year- sterilized $14.00
1 year- unsterilized $22.00
3 year- sterilized $28.00
3 year- unsterilized $44.00
License transfer from another county $3.00
**Delinquent license fees are $20 more than regular license  

Licenses can be purchased at:

  • Most Midland County Veterinarian Offices
  • Humane Society of Midland County
  • Midland County Treasurers Office

As a courtesy, the Treasurer's Office will mail license renewal applications the month before the license expires.  Licenses are conveniently available at many area veterinarian offices and by mail or in-person at the Midland County Treasurer's Office.

Kennel license fees:

A NEW Kennel License Application can be obtained from the Animal Control Deputy by calling (989) 832-6856. Application must be approved by your Township or City official prior to inspection.

Kennel Licenses are issued by the Animal Control Deputy on site at the time of inspection.

3 to 10 dogs $10.00
11 or more dogs $25.00
Inspection Fee $25.00


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