Victim: Gregory Scott McRoberts
Date of Incident: 12/12/1991
Case #: 91-112205

On December 12th of 1991, Gregory McRoberts was last seen riding his bicycle at approximately 7:00 pm near his residence of 1862 S. Meridian Rd. in Midland County's Lee Township. McRoberts had car trouble earlier in the day and had parked his disabled vehicle at the Silver Creek Inn located at 2185 S. Meridian Rd. Indications were that McRoberts was riding his bicycle to the Silver Creek Inn to work on the vehicle when he disappeared. There are no known contacts with McRoberts after December 12th of 1991, and on December 16th he was reported as a missing person.

An investigation ensued, and on January 4th of 1992, the body of Greg McRoberts was located partially submerged in a deep ditch on the west side of S. Meridian Rd., 1/5th of a mile south of Bradford Rd. McRoberts appeared to be the victim of a hit and run traffic accident. Scene evidence suggests that the striking vehicle may have been a light blue colored 1982 through 1987 4-door Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme or Cutlass Supreme Brougham. The car would have sustained damage to the right front corner. There may also have been some tan or red paint on this vehicle. The driver of the vehicle has never been identified.

On March 25th of 2005, the parents of Greg McRoberts were mailed a two page, typewritten letter from an anonymous person who confessed to hitting Greg. The letter lists certain specifics pertaining to the author, as well as information about the accident. Investigators feel that the letter writer has likely shared information about this incident with another person.

The Midland County Sheriff's Office has made the decision to release the letter to the public in the hopes that persons recognize the specifics listed within, or perhaps can recall similar circumstances that may have affected someone they know or have known.  Detectives urge members of the public to review the letter and other known case facts and to contact authorities with any possible leads. The family of Greg McRoberts desperately needs closure.

Tho my vessel rests in peace, my soul still lingers on -
I'm in your conscience each waking day to remind you what you have done.
Release us both from this heavy load. Go public with your burdened soul,
with this we'll both be free.

Waiting for Closure -
Greg McRoberts family

Detectives believe that the suspect has likely told someone of this incident. Detectives also believe that the above information may match someone you know or have known. Midland County Sheriff's Office and the family of Greg McRoberts need your help in closing this incident!

Case #: 82-3186

Case #: 91-107496