Divisions and Services


By Constitution and Statute, the Sheriff is charged with enforcing the laws enacted by the Legislature under the police power for the preservation of public peace within the county.  A sheriff has law enforcement authority throughout the county, including cities, villages, chartered townships and townships. 

The responsibilities of the peace officer in Michigan are broad.  In addition to the traditional functions, investigation and prosecution of criminal conduct, a Sheriff must take affirmative action to keep the peace, such as the detection of criminal conduct, the apprehension of criminals, the intervention in crimes in progress, such as domestic assault, robbery, rape, the suppression of riot and other civil disturbances, and the control of vehicle traffic.

In Michigan the office of Sheriff has been charged with a myriad of duties in addition to its peacekeeping function. By way of example, the Sheriff is the principal officer for the Michigan Court System, having responsibilities for Court security, the execution of orders, judgments and civil process of the Courts to include the seizure and sale of property to enforce judgments. The Sheriff is responsible for the establishment, maintenance and operation of the County Jail and all ancillary services.