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Upcoming Rail Trail Closures


Closures between June 11th and June 25th

  • June 10 2021
Upcoming Rail Trail Closures

Midland County Parks and Recreation staff will be sealing pavement surface cracks on various portions of the Rail Trail for the next two weeks (Friday June 11 through Friday June 25). Please be mindful that the material used to seal the pavement is heated to a very high temperature and can ruin bike tires, rollerblade tires, etc.

Portions of the Rail Trail will be closed while staff is working. Closures will start on June 11th between Barden Rd. to Alamando Rd. and then move to Dublin Rd. and travel west.   

Please respect any barricades placed for your safety and for the continued care of the Pere Marquette Rail Trail. We thank you for your patience.