Midland County News

Pinecrest Farms Annual Report

  • April 15 2015

2014 and 2015 has been a time of continued positive growth in terms of census and financial status for Pinecrest Farms. There have also been improvements in the delivery of health services to residents, community involvement and outreach, life enrichment for residents and security of residents and improved employee communication.

The census (the number of resident’s occupying the facility) has increased from 36 in December 2013 to reach full capacity of 60 in November 2014. Through relationship building, marketing plans and positive word-of-mouth campaigns Pinecrest has managed to remain around 58 residents to capacity at any-given time. The increase in census has led to an increase in revenue from $49,322 a month in December 2013 to $74,031 a month in March 2015. Expenses have not increased greatly due to the streamlining process of ordering of supplies and finances being centralized by one division.

The new leadership administration structure consisting of an Administrator, Director of Nursing and Business Manager was implemented in the Spring of 2014 and has improved delivery of care, finances, community outreach and employee relations.

Safety and security measures have been increased to benefit the residents, staff and visitors of Pinecrest. Automatic door locking mechanisms have been installed that are enforced during nighttime hours to prevent intruders while keeping residents with cognitive impairments from leaving the facility. 

Staffing currently consists of thirty (30) total staff members. Pinecrest currently has six (6) LPN supervisors, Twenty-one (21) Universal Workers with fourteen (14) of the staff being full-time.

Pinecrest serves those 18 years and older who meet any of the criteria: frail and elderly (aged), developmentally delayed, mentally ill, Alzheimer’s/Dementia or are physically handicapped. Part of the admission requirements includes the need for assistance with at least two ADLs (Activity of Daily Living) and must not present a harm to themselves or other residents or staff. The Administrator and Director of Nursing oversee the admission process to ensure residents are properly placed.

Activity and life enrichment is an important part of what is offered at Pinecrest. Socialization, outings, events, music and more are important to bring joy to residents and maintain healthy living. We offer a variety of activities from music, arts & crafts, games to outings to local shopping centers, Dow Gardens and an annual summer trip to a Great Lakes Loons game.

Marketing and community outreach plans are implemented to not only assist with the recruiting of residents but to educate the community on the Midland County Millage. Marketing tools and tactics include relationship building with local health care centers, presenting at social clubs and organizations, appearances at networking events and attracting media coverage for events and updates.

2015 is a milestone year for Pinecrest. This year we celebrate our 150th year – or sesquicentennial – of caring for Midland residents. On July 22 we will host a sesquicentennial celebration on the grounds of Pinecrest that will include a small historical exhibit, pig roast and live music.