Midland County News

June 23, 2017 Flooding Press Release

  • June 23 2017

With the heavy rains affecting Midland County, please know that the City of Midland is monitoring the storm and sanitary sewer operations and all the systems are operating properly, despite many homes experiencing flooded basements this morning.

Midland County has received a tremendous amount of rain over a very short period of time. For City of Midland homes on the storm and sanitary system, the storm sewer system is full as it carries this large amount of rain runoff and discharges it to the river. The fullness of the system has caused major street flooding and some homes to experience basement flooding.

If you have water in your basement:

Stay out of your basement. Do not try to pump the water out – keep the pressure equal between the ground and the basement so the walls don’t cave in or cause your floor to pop up. Let the water go down on its own after the event. If the water is coming up through the floor drain and it will go back down.

Stay out of the water – do not walk into the water for any reason. If you are concerned with electrical issues please note the following: If your breaker is upstairs and you can turn it off safely yourself, do that; Do NOT go into your basement to shut off your electricity; Call Consumers Energy (800) 477-5050 and they will shut your electricity outside your house if need be.

There is likely some sewage in the water so use good hygiene if you touch the water.

Leave your wet/damaged items in the basement until the event is over and water subsides.

For insurance purposes, consider documenting everything that is damaged – make a list and take pictures if possible. This is best done once the flooding has stopped and the water has receded.

The City will do a special curbside collection for your debris after the event.

For city residents with basement flooding, contact the Wastewater Plant next week AFTER the event has concluded (989) 837-3500.