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MEDIA RELEASE - Weapon At School


MEDIA RELEASE - Weapon At School

  • June 1 2017
MEDIA RELEASE - Weapon At School

June 1, 2017  


At 2:29 pm on May 31, 2017, the Midland County Sheriff’s Office was dispatched to a report of a 16 year old male student that was in possession of a loaded hand gun at the Meridian High School located at 3303 North Meridian Road in Jerome Township.

While deputies were en route Dispatch advised that the school had escorted the student to the office and had retrieved the hand gun from him.  The hand gun was a High Standard, 9 shot, .22 caliber revolver.  The revolver was loaded with 6 rounds of ammunition and was turned over to deputies at the scene.

During the investigation it was learned that the 16 year old student and a 17 year old student had conspired to commit a breaking and entering at a residence right after school.  At this time it does not appear that the student threatened to use the gun at the school.

The 16 year old was transported to the Midland County Juvenile Care Center and the 17 year old was transported to the Midland County Jail.  The complaint remains under investigation.  Once the investigation is completed a report will be sent to the Midland County Prosecutor.

As Sheriff of Midland County I want to assure our community how serious I take this matter.  We will continue to work with our school partners to help provide a safe learning environment for all students.  I would like to thank the staff at Meridian High School for their cooperation during this investigation.

Sheriff Scott Stephenson