Canine Advocate

In August of 2015, our office joined the Michigan Canine Advocacy Program (CAP), by welcoming “Joey” to our staff.  CAP was developed in Michigan in 2009, “to provided services to child victims utilizing a highly trained dog to help alleviate the anxiety associated with being in court.”  The program provides a canine advocate to accompany a child to interviews as well as court appearances.  It has been well documented that a child’s anxiety is dramatically reduced by the presence of a canine advocate.  Joey was provided to us by CAP at no cost to the county, after having been trained by the Leader Dogs program.  In February of 2016, our office received a $10,000 grant from the Midland County Youth Action Council (MCYAC) in support of “Joey” and our program.  When not at work, Joey enjoys spending time with his human family, Assistant Prosecutor Atea Duso and her husband, along with their other dog and cat.  His favorite activity, when not in court, is eating.