Parks Commission

Midland County Parks and Recreation Commission

The responsibility of the Midland County Parks and Recreation Commission is to provide county-wide facilities capable of meeting the needs of all citizens. 

It is the goal of the Commission to provide visitors with the best recreation experience possible, in park and recreation areas that capitalize on unique local natural resources.

Midland County parks are maintained at the highest caliber to ensure that your visit is an enjoyable one. Clean, safe and well-staffed parks are the Commission's highest priority.

We hope you will visit and enjoy your county parks often! We are always interested in your thoughts and ideas, so please share them with a ranger, call or e-mail.

Park Accessibility

Midland County Parks strive to make each park as barrier-free as possible for the convenience of visitors with limited mobility. All new facilities are built with maximum accessibility in mind. Individual parks are continuing their efforts to upgrade facilities so that everyone can enjoy what Midland County Parks have to offer.

Master Plan 2021-2025