Announcements and Alerts

Pine Haven Recreational Area

The Pine Haven Recreational Area parking lot is currenly closed due to soft ground / spring conditions. Thank you for your patience as Mother Nature drys out. 


Sanford Lake Park

Sanford Lake Park is open. There is no charge for entry into the park (voluntary donations are accepted at the entrance to the splash-pad). Thank you for your patronage and patience during this time of rebuilding. 


Sanford Lake Bottom Boundary

The Sanford Lake bottom has been fenced off at the boundary of Midland County Parks and Recreation land. The Midland County Parks and Recreation Commission and Staff ask residents and all park visitors to respect this boundary for everyone's safety and enjoyment of Sanford Lake Park. Trespassing will be reported to the Midland County Sheriff. 




Final Verity Shores/Edenville Masterplan Map