Tire Disposal Program

Tire Recycling Program

Prevention of Mosquitoes in Tires

Scrap tires create several issues.  They are an environmental concern, a troublesome breading ground for mosquito larvae and an eyesore. Midland County Mosquito Control and Midland Recyclers have joined together to help Midland County residents properly dispose of tires.

Spring Tire Collection

Fall Tire Collection

Saturday, May 5, 2018
(8 am to noon)
Saturday, August 25, 2018
(8 am to noon)

Porter Township Hall
4000 S Nine Mile Road
Breckenridge 48615

Midland Recyclers
4305 E Ashman Street
Midland, MI 48640


  1. You must have an appointment to drop off tires.  Call (989) 832-8677 and be prepared to give the following information:  Name, address, and the number of tires you wish to bring (up to 10).
  2. For Midland County residents only.  Picture identification verifying county address is required at drop off.
  3. Resident's tires without an appointment will be taken only if there is room and individual will have to wait for an open time in the schedule to unload.
  4. Tires being accepted are:  Up to 10 passenger car size tires without rims.

Help prevent mosquitoes in tires by:

  • Keeping tires indoors
  • Cover tires with a tarp
  • Dispose of tires without rims or with sidewalls unsealed from the rims
  • Call Mosquito Control to request treatment
  • If your township/organization is interested in conducting a neighborhood cleanup, please call 832-8677.

CM Rubber Recycling, 4602 W Saginaw Road, Coleman, MI 48618, (989) 465-0200
Additional tire recycling options (will take tires for a small fee, year-round)