Mosquito Trivia

  • Only the females bite. 
  • If she lives long enough, a female may lay over 10 egg batches. 
  • One mosquito carries its eggs on its hind legs until hatching. The larvae then wait in the egg shell, popping out when the female lands and dips her legs in the water. 
  • Flying mosquitoes flap their wings from about 300 to over 700 times per second. 
  • About 400,000 mosquitoes equal a pound. 
  • Like humans, female mosquitoes live longer than males on average. 
  • The attack of swarms of mosquitoes cause reindeer migrations. 
  • The name mosquito is Spanish for "little fly" 
  • A wingless species of mosquito has been found in the Antarctic. 
  • Mosquitoes have been found on mountains at elevations up to 13,000 feet and in mine shafts as far down as 3,000 feet below the surface. 
  • One mosquito species steals its food from nectar-feeding ants. 
  • Some mosquito species larvae have an antifreeze like substance and can withstand being frozen in ice.