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February is National Condom Month


Take Cover

February is National Condom Month.  The Midland County Health Department encourages individuals who are sexually active to practice safe sex. Correct and consistent condom use remains to be the most effective way to reduce the risk of sexually transmitted infections. Many people aren’t aware that the rates of chlamydia and gonorrhea (common STIs) continue to increase each year in Michigan.

The Midland County Health Department has a free condom program titled “Take Cover”. The Take Cover Campaign was developed to increase free condom availability, create awareness, and promotes acceptance of condom use. The goal is to decrease sexually transmitted infections (STI’s) and unplanned pregnancies by removing barriers to condom use, such as cost, embarrassment, and lack of access.

Take Cover  is a health department and local business partnership that has been successfully welcomed in counties across Michigan. The health department supplies condoms for distribution at no cost, and the community business partner serves as the point of distribution. The CDC endorses condom distribution programs like Take Cover as a proven way to increase condom use, prevent HIV/sexually transmitted infections, and save communities money in health care costs.

According to the CDC:

  • There are 20 million new STI cases in the U.S. every year.
  • The medical costs for these new cases are $16 billion.
  • Adding the new cases each year with existing infections, there are an estimated 110 million total STIs among Americans.

For more information about Take Cover and partner locations visit



About the Family Planning Clinic

  • This clinic provides confidential contraceptive services and information to women, men and teens. 
  • The Midland County Health Dept. is now offering IUD and Nexplanon as a form of birth control.  Counseling is required before any appointment will be made.
  • Your care involves having a physical examination every year and a review of your medical history. Expect your visit to last 1½ - 2 hours.
  • Clinic services can also include testing and treatment for sexually transmitted diseases, pregnancy testing, counseling, and emergency contraception.
  • Please call the clinic to cancel if you cannot keep your appointment.
  • Fees are based on a sliding fee schedule. You may qualify for a discount.
  • Nexplanon and Mirena IUDs are now available by appointment, (989) 832-6655.


Looking for more information, answers to questions, or just fun reading?  Check out these websites:

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