Family Planning

There will be no supply hours on February 15, 2019.  

As of Februry 1, 2019, Monday supply hours will end at 5:00.  If you are not able to make it to any of the other supply hours, please call (989) 832-6655 to make arrangements with the staff to pick up your supplies.

About the Family Planning Clinic

  • This clinic provides confidential contraceptive services and information to women, men and teens. 
  • Your care involves having a physical examination every year and a review of your medical history. Expect your visit to last 1½ - 2 hours.
  • Clinic services can also include testing and treatment for sexually transmitted diseases, pregnancy testing, counseling, and emergency contraception.
  • Please call the clinic to cancel if you cannot keep your appointment.
  • Fees are based on a sliding fee schedule. You may qualify for a discount.
  • Nexplanon and Mirena IUDs are now available by appointment, (989) 832-6655.




Family Planning Forms

Please fill out the following forms if you are coming to the Midland County Health Department - Family Planning Clinic for an Annual Exam or Initial Exam.

Notice of Privacy Practice

Privacy Practice Signature Page

Supply Permission

Personal Information

Medical/Social History

Consent for Services


Contact Us


(989) 832-6661

Clinic Hours:

Monday 9am-5:00pm
Tuesday 8am-5pm
Wednesday 8am-5pm
Thursday 8am-5pm
Friday 8am-5pm

Supply Hours:

Monday 2:30pm-5:00pm
Tuesday 10:30am-12:30pm
Wednesday CALL
Thursday 3:30pm-4:30pm
Friday 2pm-4pm


(989) 837-6524


220 W. Ellsworth St.

Midland, MI 48640