Contaminants of Concern

Chemicals are being discovered in water that previously had not been detected or are being detected at levels that may be significantly different than expected.  These are often generally referred to as “contaminants of emerging concern".

Contaminants of Concern:

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MDEQ Oil & Gas Information Mapping Tool:  GeoWebFace

The MDEQ developed GeoWebFace provides a wide array of geologic information for natural resource management, educational and general interests. Additional programs are not needed but can be added to suit individual needs. It can be accessed by anyone, at anytime, anywhere the web is available.

Information includes: oil and gas well data and files, mining and related geographic information. There are over sixty layers to this specific application which include: Glacial Geology, Structural Geology, Outcrops, Bedrock Geology, Gravity, Magnetics, Shaded Relief, Hillshade, Water Falls, Wetlands Inventory, Town, Range and Section, State Ownership, State Mineral Leases, Federal Lands, and National Forests.

The GeoWebFace allows users to view, on a Michigan map, information about non-renewable geological resource activities regulated under: Part 615 "Oil and Gas Rules and Regulations", Part 625 "Mineral Wells", Part 631 "Mine Reclamation", Part 632 "Nonferrous Metallic Mining", Part 635 "Coal Mines", and Part 637 "Sand Dune Mining.

MDEQ map showing distribution of oil and gas wells in Michigan (September 2012

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