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2020 Mosquito Insecticide Bid

(Joint bid including Bay, Midland, and Tuscola Counties)

The County of Midland requests your participation in submitting a bid for a joint bid including Bay, Midland, and Tuscola Counties for Mosquito Insecticide. All Bids must be in accordance with the attached bid specifications.

 Bids are due no later than 4:00 pm, Tuesday, January 14, 2020 to Denise L. Mason, Procurement and Contracts Administrator, 3rd Floor County Services Building, 220 W. Ellsworth St., Midland, MI 48640-5194. It will be the bidder’s responsibility to ensure delivery of bid is received by the Purchasing Office in a complete and timely manner. All proposals must be sealed and marked "Mosquito Insecticide Bid" with date and hour of opening, name and address of bidder.   Bids will be opened on Wednesday, January 15, 2020 at 11:00am in the First Floor Conference room of the County Services Building located at 220 W. Ellsworth St, Midland, MI  48640.                  

The County of Midland reserves the right to accept, reject or negotiate any or all bids, to waive or not waive informalities or irregularities in bids or bidding procedures, and to accept any bid determined by the County's Representatives to be in the best interest of the County, whether the bid is lowest or not. The County of Midland assumes no liability for any costs incurred in preparing a bid.

 Questions concerning the bid or any specifications herein shall be directed to Denise L. Mason, Purchasing Department, (989) 832-6865 or by email at dmason@co.midland.mi.us. Official Bid Documents are available for download on the Midland County Website www.co.midland.mi.us under Bidding Opportunities.

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Request for proposal

Bid Sheet