Directory of Board Members

Board Members

Terry Walters - Gladwin County Drain Commissioner
Joseph Sova - Midland County Drain Commissioner
Jeanette Snyder - Midland County Commissioner
Karen Moore - Gladwin County Commissioner
Don Zakett - Tobacco Township Representative
Carol Ayers - Billings Township Representative
Ray Drumright - Edenville Township Representative
Robert Kelley - Hope Township Representative
Larry Woodard - Member at Large (4 yr term, expires 2026)

Board History

The Wixom Lake Improvement Board was formed in January 2001 after resolutions requesting its formation were passed by Billings Township in Gladwin County and by Hope and Edenville Townships in Midland County. The portion of Tobacco Township east of M-30 joined the Board in the fall of 2001.

The Board retained Progressive A-E to develop a lake management plan. After analysis of water samples and weed surveys, it became apparent that Wixom Lake and its bottom sediments are rich in nutrients and with the clear water resulting from the filtering of zebra mussels, the lake is prime habitat for aquatic plants. The recommended plan calls for the following:

  • An aquatic plant control program consisting primarily of herbicide treatments to selectively control Eurasian milfoil and limited mechanical harvesting of nuisance levels of native aquatic plants.
  • A public education program which would focus on the annual dissemination of information to lake residents regarding proper lakeside landscaping, septic system maintenance, wetland protection, and ongoing lake management activities.

The three year plan had an annual budget of $214,000 and was financed by special assessments to the lakefront land owners. The approximate cost per lot for a lakefront owner was $124.00 per year.

In 2004 a second management program was approved, this time for a four year time period.  The annual budget was set at $238,000.  The annual assessment to lakefront owners was $138.00.

At a public hearing held on July 12, 2008, another four year program was approved by the Lake Improvement Board.  The annual budget was set at $253,000, representing a $146.00 yearly cost per lakefront owner.

On July 27, 2012, a public hearing was again held and another 4 year program was approved.  The annual budget was increased to $262,350.00.  Assessments increase to $152.00 per lakefront owner.

In 2016, the program was extended for another 4 years with the annual budget increasing to $278,500.00 but the assessment values remain at $152.00 per lakefront owner.

To apply for the Member At Large position, please fill out the form below and return to the Gladwin County Drain Commissioner