Juvenile Delinquency

Youth under 18 years old who violate criminal laws are brought into the juvenile justice system. Juvenile Court cases follow different procedures than the Adult Criminal system however, a youth in the juvenile system receives all the trial rights that an adult charged with a crime would have.  Even though a conviction in the juvenile court, which is called adjudication, is not the same as an adult criminal conviction, it has serious consequences.  The Juvenile Court’s goal is accountability, rehabilitation and treatment of juveniles.

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Please refer to your billing statement for your account  number and balance due.  Once you have this, you may use GOVPAY.NET to pay your account online.  You will be mailed a receipt once the payment is posted to your account.  Please be aware there is a minimum fee of $1.50 for using this service, and a maximum of 3%.



Resources & Links

Midland County Probate & Juvenile Court
2016 Annual Report

State Court Administrative Office
Court Forms  

Probate Filing Fees

Petition for Appointment of Guardian, Individual with Alleged Developmental Disability (PC 658)

Report to Accompany Petition to Appoint, Modify or Discharge Guardian of Individual with Developmental Disability (PC 659)

Report of Guardian on Condition of Individual with Developmental Disability (PC 663)

Petition to Terminate/Modify Guardian for Developmentally Disabled Individual (PC 677)

Inventory (PC 577)

Account of Fiduciary, Short Form (PC 583)

Petition to Allow Account (PC 585a)


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