The Midland County Juvenile Care Center's Detention unit is a  22 bed maximum security detention facility.  The detention unit is licensed to house juvenile offenders 11-17 years of age.  Placement in this facility requires action by the Juvenile Court.  

  • Highly Trained Staff - All Juvenile Care Center personnel are carefully screened during the selection process and meet the highest employment standards. All personnel undergo an extensive orientation and training program prior to independent assignment and receive a minimum of 24 hours training annually relevant to their position. Direct Care Workers are all certified in adult CPR and First Aid as well as in Nonviolent Crisis Intervention.
  • Midland Public Schools - operates the school programs in the Juvenile Care Center. All youth housed at the Center are provided with quality educational services. Youth attend school Monday through Friday from 8:25 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. with lunch and restroom breaks in between. Schoolwork is individualized to meet the needs of each youth. Individual attention is possible due to small class sizes of ten youth to each teacher. All facility teachers are State certified and hold special education certification. Information regarding a youth’s educational experience may be directed to (989) 837-6080 Ext. 226.
  • Recreation - Youth receive one hour of physical recreation per day during the week and two hours on weekends. Both indoor and outdoor facilities are available to introduce youth to a wide variety of activities through skill building and teamwork.
  • Complete Medical Services In addition to an initial intake health screening, all youth are given an intake physical within 72 hours of admission by the facility’s registered nurse. A copy of this physical is available to the Court upon request.  Detention residents have access to a registered nurse at least 3 days a week for minor medical needs. A facility doctor is also available to address any more potentially serious medical issues or concerns. Should a youth have a medical emergency, they would be transported to Mid Michigan Regional Medical Center for care.
  • Prescription Refill ServicesIf a youth is required to take a prescribed medication during their detainment, our staff works diligently to ensure the medication is administered in the prescribed manner. They will also work closely with the parents and Court Probation Officer to ensure that each youth has adequate amounts of medication during their stay.
  • Psychological Services An initial Coherency Assessment and Suicide Risk Inventory is completed to evaluate each youth’s emotional condition upon admission. The Center also has an on-site therapist who is available if needed. Upon request, a certified professional psychologist can provide a fee based psychological assessment and services for your youth during their detainment.
  • Drug TestingUpon request, fee based drug testing can be administered for the detection of THC, Amphetamines, Methamphetamines, Cocaine, and PCP.
  • Token Economy SystemThe Detention Program is based on a point system, which allows youth to earn points for appropriate behavior and progress through a level system based on points earned. Youth may use these points to purchase privileges such as playing cards, ping pong, board games, stationary, drawing paper and pencils.
  • Youth Behavioral AssessmentIn addition to daily observational notes completed for each youth, Center staff also assesses and prepares a written report on each youth’s behavior after 48 hours and then again after 7 days. Thereafter, an assessment summary is completed on each youth every 30 days until their discharge. Upon discharge, a discharge summary of the youth’s overall performance is completed and forwarded to the youth’s probation officer.
  • Food ServicesCenter food service staff, in a full service commercial grade kitchen completes all food preparation for the Center. The Juvenile Care Center participates in the USDA National School Lunch Program administered by the State Department of Education. This program insures that the youth are provided a balanced diet that meets all nutritional standards for adolescent youth. Three healthy meals and an evening snack are provided to the youth daily.
  • Religious ServicesAll detention youth are offered the opportunity to attend a weekly group fellowship service. This service offered is on a voluntary basis; youth are not required to participate.
  • Convenient BillingThe Midland County Juvenile Center sends an invoice to each placing agency on a monthly basis. Please contact the Midland County Juvenile Care Center for further details about our billing process.
Contact and Directions

3712 E Ashman St
Midland, MI 48640

Ph: (989) 837-6080
Fax: (989) 837-6261

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Visitation Information

Parents and grandparents may be approved for visitation by the youth's probation officer.  Please contact the Center at 989-837-6093 to verify approval.

Visitation Hours:

  • Sun from 2:30 p.m. until 4:00 p.m.
  • Wed from 6:30 p.m. until 8:00 p.m.

Special visitation arrangements via the telephone may be made on an individual basis to accommodate long distances or other concerns.

Clergy Visitation - Clergy who contact the Center and have been pre-approved by the youth’s probation officer, may visit the youth at their convenience.

Substance Abuse Counseling

JCC Substance Abuse Counseling by J&A Counseling and Evaluations


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