Civil Department

The Civil Department of the court is made up of General Civil, Small Claims, and Landlord Tenant cases. General Civil cases involve money amounts of up to $25,000. Small Claims handles money amounts up to $6,500 and Landlord Tenant involves evictions between landlords and tenants for possession and/or unpaid rent.

Case information is available online under the "RECORD CHECKS/REGISTER OF ACTIONS" tab on the left or by clicking here. 

Notice on Legal Advice

DEPUTY CLERKS AND EMPLOYEES OF THE 75th DISTRICT COURT CANNOT GIVE LEGAL ADVICE. They are not attorneys and cannot advise you on legal issues. They may provide general information regarding court operations and procedures. They can provide you, at your request, any blank form the court has in stock at a small fee.

When you ask:

"What form do I use?"

"How do I fill out this form?"

"What part of the law applies in my case?"

"What does this mean?"

These all seem like simple questions, but in fact they are legal questions asking for legal guidance. Legal questions should be referred to your attorney. If you do not have an attorney, check the yellow pages for an attorney in your area. Additionally, the State Bar of Michigan offers a lawyer referral service. The web site is

The State of Michigan also has a webpage Michigan Legal Help.  This page may be able to assist you.


As the plaintiff, you are responsible for filing in the proper venue.  You must select the venue based either on where the defendant lives, or where the claim that you are suing over occurred.  The Clerk's are unable to determine proper venue for you.

Seizure of Property/Writ of Evictions

Seizure of Property/Writ for Evictions may only be served in Midland County by the Midland County Sheriff's Department. For Service fees, they can be contacted at 989-839-4630.

75th District Court
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Civil/LT: 989-832-6701

Small Claims: 989-832-6717

Fax: 989-837-6573

(filings not accepted via fax/email)

Process Servers

You may use whomever you choose to accomplish service.  

Click here for the the list of approved process servers for District Court.