MiHOPE - Swift & Sure Sanctions Probation Program

MiHOPE is Midland County’s variation of the state wide probation initiative known as the Swift and Sure Sanctions Probation Program.  MiHOPE, an acronym for Midland County Honest Opportunity Probation with Enforcement, is a prison diversion program that began in December of 2015 with five probationers and now monitors more than 40 probationers by combining rehabilitation and close supervision with immediate and consistent enforcement of rules.     

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Eligibility Criteria

MiHOPE is a 5-year intensive probation program that targets high-risk felony offenders who meet certain eligibility criteria. For instance, MiHOPE participants often have a history of probation violations or failing to successfully complete traditional probation.  MiHOPE offers them one, often final, chance to avoid prison so long as they are able to be safely and effectively monitored in the community without endangering themselves or the public at-large. Common requirements of the MiHOPE program include residential treatment, individual and group counseling, frequent tests for substance use, and curfews.  A probationer can successfully complete probation early by remaining violation free for two years.