Board Objectives

Board Objectives
  1. To develop a responsible annual budget.
  2. To ensure checks and balances in all legal and financial transactions.
  3. Promote procedures in county offices that will best protect and serve all the citizens of Midland County.
  4. To promote programs which will improve the health, welfare and safety of the residents of our community and our employees.
  5. To encourage citizen participation in county government.
  6. To recognize the special needs and the problems of the youth, elderly, handicapped, underprivileged and addicted.
  7. To continue efforts, though economic development and other available agencies, to maintain and increase employment opportunities in Midland County and the Midland County area.
  8. To hire competent, qualified people and provide opportunities for employee development and advancement.
  9. To provide a quality and safe work environment for all county employees.
  10. To engage in long range planning to provide for facilities, services and programs as deemed necessary for the benefit of the citizens of Midland County.